Why Wind?

On November 3rd 2016, the Government of Alberta (GoA) announced its endorsement of the Alberta Electricity System Operator (AESO)’s recommendations for the Renewable Electricity Program (REP). WWPI responded to the GoA’s request to build more clean, affordable renewable power in Alberta, as part of the province’s strategy to move away from polluting coal-fired electrical generation. After a thorough review, we found the economic, social and environmental benefits of a wind project to be a very good investment of our time and resources.

Research & Analysis

Source: Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)

The fastest growing source of new energy capacity in Alberta comes from wind power – and the fastest shrinking energy supply is coal-fired electricity. This trend will only be accelerated by the GoA’s Renewable Electricity Program. The main drivers of this change are inscribed in environmental, social and economic dynamics linked to – among other things – climate change, pollution, the health of Albertans, energy security, price reliability and economic development.

 Review of the benefits of wind power:

No air emissions (i.e. GHG’s, NOx, SOx), no water pollution, no radioactive emissions, no natural resources consumed during operation, land use per KW generated is low as opposed to hydro and nuclear power, proactive birds and bats impact mitigation measures set in motion in conjunction with the Alberta Environment & Parks (AEP).


New transferable skills and job training, preserves farmland and heritage, contributes to clean air which alleviates respiratory diseases and other health impacts.


No fuel costs, price stability for energy supply, tax base increase, new revenue for land lease holders, net new local jobs created and added, no hidden costs, such as health care tax burden or pollution clean-up.

There are many resources available online and we have listed a number of them here for your reference: